Demon tower
Demon Dungeon
Owl Dungeon
Gold Dungeon
Mushroom Dungeon
Demon tower
Nemere Dungeon
Razador Dungeon
Slime Dungeon
Underwater Dungeon
Demon Dungeon
Underwater Dungeon
Demon tower
Duratos Dungeon
You can automatically pull monsters without having to manually operate the Bravery Cape each time. You can also adjust the range and time as desired.
You have the option to queue Metin stones by using ("Shift+Left click"), allowing your character to automatically move to the next Metin stone.
Offline Shop
Add items to your shop from everywhere, calculation of items total worth, adjust item price in realtime and much more.
Pet System
With our Pet System, you can increase the level of any pets you drop using experience points obtained from killing monsters. The higher the level of the pet, the stronger it becomes. The maximum level of pets is Level 80, with the strongest attributes.
Live Rankings with different categories such as Player Level, Destroyed Metinstones, Max damage at Metinstones, used Switcher and much more.
Dew System
Through our Dew System, you have the opportunity to become even stronger with special dews that enhance your PVM capabilities. You can find the window for dews as the 3rd tab on the left edge of your inventory. There, you can add various dews that you can obtain from the item shop or bosses.

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